When you were a kid, did you ever get to play in a sandbox? Or maybe you spent time on the beach, building sandcastles, digging holes, or making whatever you wanted, getting your hands in the sand, mixing in the water, and going where your creativity would take you. Playing in a sandbox is a great way to help us explore new and creative ideas. And that’s what the E-Learning Sandbox Blog is all about.


The E-Learning Sandbox is a place to present and discuss ways to enhance online course design and development to make online learning more engaging for our learners. While many of the course authoring topics and questions in the HealthStream community focus on helping users find answers to questions or troubleshoot technical issues, we want to expand the conversation.


In the Sandbox we want to present ideas with regard to the DESIGN-side of course authoring - instructional design, graphic design, and learning experience design. We also want to explore ways to incorporate newer learning technologies, to stretch beyond just PowerPoint bullets, text, pictures, and Next buttons. While having accurate content is clearly important, we also want our courses to be engaging for our learners, to capture their interest, and ultimately to help them learn more, retain more, and perform better in their jobs.


We hope that the E-Learning Sandbox Blog will help to inspire you to expand your toolset with regard to designing online learning experiences for your learners, and we welcome your participation. You can participate through sharing your comments, questions, and ideas; submitting your own blog postings and examples; and promoting the blog within the HealthStream community. We hope you’ll come back and join us in the Sandbox!