One popular method for making E-Learning courses more engaging for our learners is to include video content. An example of this is in quizzes where we can include a brief video clip in the quiz question, asking the learner to watch the video before answering the question. This is a great way to make even simple multiple-choice quiz questions more engaging and more work-context oriented.


But did you know that you can make the video itself interactive? In the case of a quiz question, it’s possible to build the quiz questions into the video itself. (Actually the question may be layered above the video, but the effect is the same.) With an E-Learning development tool you can add triggers that pause the video at certain spots where you want the learner to do click on something, answer a question, or review additional information on the screen, then use layers to add a content overlay over the video. The content can be images, text, even animations!


This idea of interactive video follows one of the emerging trends in online learning where videos are becoming interactive, allowing the learner to select options, answer questions, even choose responses for the character on screen to follow. Imagine the implications for Healthcare training. You could show a video of a clinician completing a particular procedure with a piece of equipment, then pause the video at certain places to provide popup information to the learner about the process, or ask the learner to answer a question.


In the example screenshot shown above, the video on stroke education is paused in three specific places to ask the learner to answer a brief review question. You can click the link below to view the video example.


Click here to view example


Can you think of topics or projects where this could be useful?