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    What are the steps to making Captivate activities run as Authored SCORM Learning Activities in HealthStream?


    • Publish from Captivate to a designated folder for your course (you can check the "Publish files to a folder" and it will create it for you). Be sure HTML is selected in your settings. Click here for directions.
    • Click inside the newly created directory where the course was published on your PC. You will see several files, including an HTML file. This is what holds the SWF that is compiled from Captivate.
    • Using the AuthorDev FTP site provided by HealthStream, create a new directory. Be sure to use one of the following programs: Internet Explorer, Filezilla or SWFftp (applications used for FTP sites). Since this is a SCORM activity, you should create the folder within the SCORM folder.
    • Upload the Captivate course along with anything else within the folder on your computer that contains the course. This usually includes: JavaScript, HTML, SWFS, and any additional folders. If you developed anything externally and pulled it into Captivate, be sure the folder(s) where those items came from are added to the published course.
    • Once everything is uploaded to the AuthorDev/SCORM folder, go ahead and create your course within HealthStream. Add an Authored SCORM Activity and choose the folder that you created within the AuthorDev.
    • Preview your course. It should load and work perfectly. Remember, for Captivate support, you should look to Adobe, or better yet, look at Solutions and ask questions in the HealthStream Insight Into Action Community. HealthStream supports SCORM, but not Captivate, as a tool for creating SCORM activities.


    Note: Thanks to Kristin Markell for providing this solution in the HealthStream Community.


    How can I use Captivate SCORM output with the HLC?


    The HLC cannot take test data via SCORM from a Captivate course. To use Captivate SCORM output, you must change to the following settings:

    1. 1.    Check the box to enable reporting for this project
    2. 2.    Standard: SCORM
    3. 3.    Report Status: Complete/Incomplete
    4. 4.    Report to LMS as Score
    5. 5.    Choose Report Data: Slide Views Only (set to 100%)
    6. 6.    Report Score

    Forward the documents attached which show the windows in Captivate as well as the HLC Completion Mode settings.


    Why won’t Adobe Captivate publish/output to a .zip file?


    The .zip file is the required SCORM format. If you’re having problems getting Captivate to publish/output this file type, check the settings for your “Output Options.” If you have both “Full Screen” and “.zip Files” checked, uncheck “Full Screen” as Captivate will not allow a .zip file if “Full Screen” is checked. If you need additional assistance, you must either go through Adobe or the HealthStream Insight Into Action Community for Captivate support.