HealthStream Authoring Center - Courseware Exchange

Version 2

    How do I copy content from the Courseware Exchange?   


    To copy content from the Courseware Exchange, follow these steps:


    1. Select the “Courseware Exchange” link from the “Courses” tab.
    2. Search for the course you want to copy in the Courseware Exchange and select that course title. This will open up a Course Overview in a new window.
    3. Select the “Copy” link at the top of the window. To continue, you must read and agree to the conditions that pop up.
    4. Choose the “I Agree” button.  You will see a green message indicating a successful copy to your Course Builder workspace. The course will be saved to your Authoring Center account work area using the naming convention of " Previous Version Title_DayMonthYearTime."
    5. The copied content will now be accessible as an unpublished course. You can search for the course from the “Manage Courses” link on the “My Courses” tab.

    Note that all Authoring Center activities, tests, and/or evaluations contained in the course will be copied but no course attachments, classroom or virtual class activities will be copied. Once a course is copied from the Courseware Exchange, you can edit Authoring Center learning activities.


    How do I copy regulatory courses from HealthStream-provided assets?


    To copy courses from HealthStream-provided assets, follow these steps:

    1. 1.     Copy the content folder from HealthStream Provided Assets to your desktop (click on the desired folder with your mouse and either click CTRL+C on your keyboard or right-click->”Copy”).
    2. 2.     From the “My Courses” tab of the HLC, click the “FTP Connection” link under “Authoring Center Resources.”
    3. 3.     Open the folder Courseware_Exchange_Community\HealthStream_Provided_ Assets\Regulatory_ Courses.
    4. 4.     Locate the folder for the course that you want to copy for  your facility and click the folder and drag it to your desktop. This creates a copy of the content folder on your desktop.
    5. 5.     In the FTP window, open the folder for your facility that contains the other content folders you have created. Drag the regulatory content folder from your desktop to the FTP window.

    NOTE: In addition to accessing the HealthStream regulatory content folders, you can also find other content folders that were developed by HealthStream customers and placed into the Courseware Exchange prior to March 2007. You can copy the customer shared folder for use within your facility by following the same procedure as outlined for HealthStream Regulatory Content.

    To edit the HealthStream Regulatory Content:

    1. 1.     Click the “Choose” button in Contribute and navigate to your facility folder. You can now see the regulatory content folder with your other content folders.
    2. 2.     Edit the pages that you want by choosing the page and clicking “Edit Page.”
    3. 3.     Publish each edited page to your content folder in Contribute.

    When you have finished making your edits, you may add the edited HealthStream regulatory course learning activity to an HLC course and publish the course. You can also add other learning activities prior to publishing the course, such as a test, evaluation, or classroom event.


    How do I publish my course to the Courseware Exchange?    


    Once all learning activities have been added to a course within the HLC and you wish to  add a course to the Courseware Exchange, follow these steps to publish the course:

    1. 1.     If you are still in the Course Builder within the HLC, select the “Publish” link to begin  publishing your course to the HLC.
    2. 2.     If you are outside of the Course Builder, go to the “Manage Courses” link and search for the course. Select the course you wish to publish  and you will be brought to the Course Builder page. Select the “Publish” link.
    3. 3.     Choose the desired option for publishing.”Quick Publish” publishes to the affiliation with which the user is logged in. “Advanced Publish” allows you to publish to other affiliations in which you have publishing rights. Be sure to check the box next to “Add this course to the Courseware  Exchange” in addition to the other checkboxes you would like for publish options.
    4. 4.     Select the applicable check boxes for publishing options and the appropriate publish button. If you are using “Quick Publish”, select the Confirm button to publish the course. If you are using “Advanced Publish,” find the other affiliate locations and add  them by selecting “Add Affiliation(s) to Receive Course” link.
    5. 5.     Click “Continue” to publish the course. If you agree to the clickthrough  agreement regarding the Courseware Exchange, select “Confirm” button. You will see a message indicating that the course has been submitted for publish.


    Note: For the latest information, refer to the HealthStream Authoring Center User Guide via help in the HLC.