HealthStream Authoring Center - Create Link from Authored Activity to Course Folder

Version 2

    How do I reset or connect the link from an authored activity (HTML/Contribute or SCORM) to a course folder in the authoring FTP site?


    To attach an authored learning activity to the course folder, click the link "Choose a Folder" in course builder. When course learning activities are set up, they link to a folder in the client's FTP site, or "authored site." When a student clicks the link to launch an activity, the link points to the folder that contains the content. When the course is published, the content is moved from the customer development site (AuthorDev) to the live site (author web). HealthStream's publishing process accommodates the difference between launching in preview mode during course development (using the AuthorDev site) and the content being launched in production (on the author web site). Sometimes, the content that should be launched will be located in a different content folder. When this happens, the author will want to change to that folder. To do so, select the folder and click the title of the folder until you see the HTM slides in the preview window. If using SCORM, the process is the same. For SCORM, the folder should contain a file called imsmanifest.xml. Next, click save. Remember, the "preview" button launches the content from the development server. The course has to be published for students to see the course changes. Whenever a course is changed, a new version of the course is created.