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Version 2

    HealthStream Plugin for Lectora


    Lectora Inspire and X use the same plug-in. If you have version 9 or older, you will need to upgrade to the latest version of Lectora to use the HealthStream plugin. (Contact Trivantis or use the auto updater located in the File, Preferences menu item in Lectora.)

    • To check your Lectora version: Check Help, About and look at the version
    • To make sure you are on the latest version: Select File, Preferences, and click the Auto Update tab.


    1.Download the HealthStream Lectora plugin.

    2.Double-click it to run it on the PC that has Lectora Installed.

    3.Check to see that it installed.

    4.In Lectora, click the Publish menu item at the top. You should see "Upload to HealthStream" as an option.

    5.Using the "Upload to HealthStream" feature is detailed in the document in SalesForce called "Delivering Lectora Content Through the HealthStream Learning Center.pdf."


    Trivantis (Lectora) Support Information and Recommendations



    This is the HealthStream recommended support procedures for Lectora created SCORM content. To resolve an inquiry as quickly as possible, please follow these steps. 

    1. Review the Lectora SCORM document provided by Trivantis and HealthStream for step-by-step instructions on setting up the SCORM elements in a Lectora title. Trivantis and HealthStream always recommend setting Lectora titles for SCORM 1.2 rather than SCORM 2004, unless there is a compelling need to take advantage of features of 2004. SCORM 2004 can be more complex and difficult to troubleshoot than SCORM 1.2. 

    2. Search this site with keywords describing your problem, or post a question on the Authoring Forum. Often, rather than just a simple response to help meet the need, other Lectora and SCORM authors may also provide best practices and helpful tips.

    3. Contact HealthStream Customer Service. HealthStream may have documented solutions to see if the issue can be resolved. Contact us by one of the following methods:

    • Email the inquiry to This will create a case automatically, and HealthStream will email a recommendation or call based on the nature of the issue.
    • Call HealthStream customer service directly at 800-521-0574. 

    4. Contact Trivantis Customer Support. If your problem appears to be within Lectora itself, contact Trivantis. Most HealthStream Lectora users have a valid support license and are entitled to call Trivantis directly, at no additional charge, for Lectora-specific inquiries. Trivantis support hours are 6 am - 7 pm Eastern Time.


    Adding New File Types to HealthStream Plugin

    Trivantis updates the allowed files on our list in a separate part of the tool than the HealthStream plugin. However, once the upgrade is done, simply doing the upgrade check and downloading the latest update (from within Lectora) will also update the HealthStream file types to the latest version. Trivantis updated the file types to add *.f4v types in 2011.


    Selecting Flash Type


    Within Lectora Inspire, you can select which version of Flash to use:

    1. Right-click the Video.
    2. Select Convert to Flash.
    3. Choose file type FLV or F4V.