HealthStream Authoring Center - Troubleshooting

Version 2

    Evaluation Length Error Message      


    When adding an evaluation, you may receive the following message:


    "This evaluation's length is currently zero. A zero length evaluation cannot be published. Edit the questions group(s) to change the required or mandatory question count."        


    This message indicates there are no questions/answers to the evaluation learning activity you are trying to create.


    Why am I getting a permission error using the FTP site for authoring?

    If you are suddenly getting permission error when trying to access the authoring FTP site, check with your IT support to ensure that is on the allowed list of your organization’s firewall. If your IT department has installed a new firewall or you are new to HealthStream, check with your IT support to ensure that all of the HealthStream website will be allowed.


    Test Allows Completion Without Minimum Passing Score


    The default setting for tests is Completion Mode "Completion Required" regardless of minimum score. In order to change the setting so that a minimum score is met to reach completion, the administrator should complete the following steps for each affected course:

    1.  Reversion the course

    2.  Set the Test Property Completion Mode to “Pass Required” from “Completion Required”

    3.  Republish the course with the un-enroll/re-enroll option*  


    *Note that the last option will force students that are in progress to restart the course.


    Publishing Error: "Course Activity is not Fully Developed"


    This error typically means there is a required property setting that has not yet been set. Any field that contains an orange asterisk (*) requires a value. Examples: the estimated completion time for a course (entered in minutes/seconds) and the minimum and maximum sizes of a class. Both fields are indicated with an orange asterisk (*). Be sure to save any updates.


    Student Completed Activity but not Moved to Transcript


    Why doesn't a student completion certificate for SCORMed activity move to transcript?         

    The completion certificate is from the SCORMed activity and not the HLC course completion certificate. This generally indicates that all course requirements have not been met by the student. This often happens when a student simply clicks through the slides, not spending the required associated times in seconds/minutes on each page as indicated by the vendor and/or not completing the built-in course requirements (such as quizzes).