National Initiatives Brief- ED-CAHPS.pdf

Version 1

    CMS has yet to release the official start date for national implementation of ED-CAHPS, or as they are initially calling it –

    the Emergency Department Patient Experiences with Care Survey (EDPECS).  Nevertheless, they are making progress in

    preparing to launch this new survey. To help prepare our customers, HealthStream conducted its own pilot and analysis of

    the survey in 2014. We used this research to develop HealthStream’s ED-CAHPS Transition Survey for those wishing to

    adopt the survey before it becomes required. Early adoption of ED-CAHPS measures provides an opportunity to train staff

    on the performance standards measured by this new survey – well ahead of national implementation. The following outlines

    what we know so far about this new CAHPS survey. Please contact any member of your HealthStream team to learn more,

    or to talk about HealthStream’s ED-CAHPS Transition Survey.