ePortfolio FAQS

Version 2

    1. I received an email that my Decision Critical (DCI) Portfolio was being transitioned to HealthStream ePortfolio. What does that mean?

         HealthStream acquired the DCI Portfolio product and have upgraded the technology to improve your experience. The old DCI site and content are being archived and will no longer be accessible. In order to ensure your data is migrated properly, you must click on the link in the email you received to claim your information on the new system.

    2. Where do I put things in my ePortfolio?

         This video gives a brief overview of where different information can be stored in your ePortfolio. If you cannot find a good section to fit the information, you can always use the "Other" field.

    3. How can I add, manage documents in ePortfolio?

    • Adding Documents:
      • Profile > Professional -When adding or managing a record in a section of ePortfolio you can you can click "New Document" to upload a file from your device. This will give you an opportunity to add a document name or description.
      • Profile > Documents - Click "Add a Document" to upload a file from your device.
    • Attaching Documents
      • You can attach documents that you've already upload to any record in ePortfolio. In Profile > Professional click "Manage" on the section you want to attach a document to. Then click "Attach Document" and select any of the documents you have available.
    • Manage Documents Properties
      • After a document has been uploaded, you can change the description or document name by going to Profile > Documents and clicking the "Manage" button next to the document. You can also delete a document from this location. Please note, if you delete a document, it will also be removed from any attached records in ePortfolio.
    • Deleting or Removing Documents
      • If you have attached a document to a record within ePortfolio, you can remove the document by clicking "Manage" on the record and then clicking the "X" on the file