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    WEBINARS from renowned experts on the latest topics in pressure ulcer prevention





    New! Do We Really Know the Dangers Lurking Beneath the Skin?

    Presenters: Dr. Joyce Black and Dr. Amit Gefen

    Learn new science on the etiology and prevention of pressure injury and the Global consensus on prophylactic dressings.



    New! Your EMR can be your Most Effective Tool!
    Presenters: Dr. William Padula, Assistant Professor John Hopkins University

    Learn how your EMR can become a very effective tool in predicting pressure ulcer risk and guiding strategic preventive intervention.



    Pressure Ulcer Prevention – Bedside Innovation
    Presenters: Dr. Rhonda Sullivan and Linda Currie

    Staff clinicians at two major academic medical centers share their comprehensive pressure ulcer prevention program for CSICU patients, and practice ideas to combat sDTIs



    Proof Into Practice: Pressure Ulcer Pathway
    Presenters: Jacqui Fletcher and Professors Amit Gefen and Nick Santamaria

    New scientific evidence about the biomechanical efficacy of dressings in preventing heel ulcers and a close look at why dressing construction matters in prevention.

    Pressure Ulcer Prevention in Vulnerable Elders
    Presenters: Steven Antokal and Dr. Aimee Garcia

    Learn the unique aspects of aging skin, understand why pressure ulcers are more prevalent in the elderly and identify regulatory guidance for different care settings.

    Reducing Pressure Ulcers from Medical Devices

    Presenters: Joyce Black RN PhD, Peggy Kalowes, RN PhD

    Learn why the incidence of medical device pressure ulcers.is increasing and identify methods to reduce those that occur most often. Note: Download the file to play the webinar

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    Proof into Practice: Pressure Ulcer Prevention Pathwayhttp://community.healthstream.com/wound_care_resource_center/p/archives.aspx/%3Cstrong%3E%3Cspan%20style='font-size:%20medium;'%3E%3Ca%20href='https:/molnlycke.box.com/s/7rrthjw6i36w4chq3cxy'%3EProof%20into%20Practice:%20Pressure%20Ulcer%20Prevention%20Pathway%3C/a%3E%3C/span%3E%3C/strong%3E

    Presenters: Dr. Joyce Black RN Ph.D, Prof. Amit Gefen Ph.D, Nick Santamaria, RN PhD


    New Pressure Ulcer Prevention Guideline recommendations plus state of the art scientific and clinical evidence.

    Quality Improvement Frameworks to Implement Evidence-based Practices for Pressure Ulcer Prevention
    Presenter: Dr William Padula PhD

    Meet the challenge of pressure ulcer prevention. Compare the effectiveness of quality improvement interventions and define best-practice strategies.

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    Preventive Practice and the Nurse: The Legal Perspective

    Presenter: Deb Varljen MSN JD CWCN CWS


    Learn the legal implications of the new 2014 International Pressure Ulcer Guidelines as well as documentation elements that are essential to reduce liability for Hospital-Acquired Pressure Ulcers. 

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    Pressure Ulcer Prevention - New Data. New Solutions. New Thinking

    Presenters: Tod Brindle MSN CWOCN, Nick SantaMaria RN PhD


    Enhance protocols for preventing Hospital-Acquired Pressure Ulcers (HAPUs) in the ED, OR and ICU.

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    Use of a Soft Silicone Bordered Sacrum Dressing to Reduce Pressure Ulcer Formation in Critically Ill Patients: A Randomized Clinical Trial

    Presenter: Peggy Kalowes RN PhD


    Initiating a preventive dressing protocol in ICU cut pressure ulcer incidence by 50% and saved hundreds of thousands of dollars.

    Pressure Ulcer Prevention in the Operating Room: Best Practices and Guidelines

    Presenters: Tod Brindle MSN CWOCN, Holly Kirkland Walsh RN PhD WCNC


    Determine who is at-risk for pressure ulcers that occur during the peri-operative period and learn how to prevent them.

    Prevention is More Cost Effective Than Cure

    Presenter: Dr. Nick SantaMaria RN PhD


    Finance Prevention Program initiatives and gain the support of Administration. Review the evidence from two clinical trials that reduced pressure ulcer incidence to zero.