Student View vs Admin View

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As an administrator there are many times when a student calls me needing help navigating or understanding their To-Do list or managing elective content.  The biggest challenge I face is that I don't have the same view they have.  They have the new UI, and I'm on the administrator side, so when I'm coaching them through a process, I say "do you see the orange enroll button on the blue banner? It's in the upper part of the screen."  and they say no, or they hunt around a bit.  Or it could be they are trying to unenroll - and I try to coach them through finding the un-enroll button because to them, it's not always obvious, or they are in a section of the course where the button is not available.


It would be very helpful to have the ability to see their account by clicking a "view as the student" button.  This would give me the ability to see what they are seeing which is quite different than what I as an administrator see.

Student view

vs Admin View.


My examples above are simplistic, I usually get more complicated issues where seeing what the student sees would be extremely helpful.  It would allow me to point out to them all the nifty features they have at their fingertips that they don't seem to know about.


This would save me a lot of time, and the student a lot of frustration


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