Tracking student account changes

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As an administrator, I often get calls from students or their managers because something on the student's To-Do list has changed significantly. This is most usually a result of changing jobs or departments and usually means I have to try to sort out the new vs. the old assignments, what is appropriate or not.  I usually have to call HR to confirm the changes and to get the effective change date.  Sometimes there are account changes that the student isn't even aware of - like in the case of a job title change, or the category is changed and that impacts the assignments. 


I have often thought it would be helpful to have a tab in the student account for administrators only that would show the past ten or more account changes - tracking department, or job changes with the effective date (not the date the change was effective in HealthStream).


Of course, the dreaming doesn't stop there -   it would be fabulous if you could click on those entries and see a snapshot of what the assignments were for that job or department - this would be immensely helpful for cleaning up the accounts - or understanding the changes that took place in the account - I am often at a loss because the student is telling  me about a recent change and the assignments they had vs. the assignments they have now, but I of course can't see them after the change has already taken place.


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