For organizations with heirarchy levels, make shortcuts where you can save your top 3 or 4 "favorite" levels.

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As an administrator, I work for an organization that has many nodes in the hierarchy. I have work in several of those nodes to make courses, assignments, run reports, and manage students, etc.  In order to switch levels (which I do frequently) I have to go to the tree, expand certain nodes and then select the level I want to use.  Not terribly time consuming, but it is an annoyance when I have to switch back and forth multiple times, often in very short order.


Here's my "dream":  A shortcut or favorites tool bar somewhere at the top of my admin page where I can have links directly to the level or section in HealthStream I want to go to.  I'd probably like a half dozen or more where I just click on the link and I'm moved directly to that node/section.  That would save me more time than you can imagine..


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