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    Introduce Yourself

      Tell us about yourself and your role in healthcare learning.

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          I'm the HealthStream Enterprise Administrator for Baptist Health in Jacksonville, Florida. I support educators, end users and HLC administrators for a health system of five free-standing hospitals that is expanding to include a growing list of primary care practice partners, community-based emergency departments, and various specialty centers and clinics. I also am a member of the Leadership Development team at Baptist and facilitate occasional leadership development class sessions for managers and other employees on project management. I also do consulting projects involving eLearning design and development.


          I'm particularly interested in working on collaborative projects to support healthcare education and performance through use of mobile learning, social learning and video, and would love to network with other folks either working in or interested in those areas!

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            Greg Poland

            Hello Everyone,


            My name is Greg Poland and I have very recently joined HealthStream as the Senior Product Manager, Learning and Development. Within that my biggest responsibility is ownership of the HLC. As you can imagine, I am absorbing a lot of information in a short amount of time, but I am up to the challenge. I have a diverse background which has included various roles, consulting, education, healthcare, banking, software and even taking a startup from sketches to commercial launch.


            I am very excited to have joined the team here and I will be involved in the Community as much as possible. I look forward to reviewing the Ideas section within Community and hearing more going forward so that we can continue to make HealthStream an even better platform than it already is. Hopefully I will have the opportunity to meet many of you in person at a HUGs event or at the upcoming Summit.


            I look forward to hearing from you.

            - Greg

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              Rosario Alvarado

              Hello: My name is Rosario, I am a neonatal and pediatric nurse leader, and educator. I work at Houston Methodist Hospital in the Center for Professional Excellence.

              I am assigned to the Women's Health Services department. I coordinate the NRP, and STABLE program courses for our staff. I just joined the HealthStream community, and I'm still learning to navigate through the new 7th ed. NRP and this website. It has been challenging, but I'm looking forward to meet other educators, or community members. Thank you,



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                Wanda Timms

                Hello My name is Wanda Timms

                I am an L+D charge nurse, nurse educator, and grad student. I have been teaching NRP for the past two years.

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                  Lisa Brown

                  Greetings from Montana!!  My name is Lisa Brown, Perinatal Neonatal Outreach Education Coordinator, Chief Perinatal Flight RN and newly appointed as the Emergency Services Education Coordinator.  I work as a labor and delivery nurse too!  I have been an NRP instructor for 26 years and am the administrator of the NRP program both for our hospital and for the outreach program.  I have been attempting to learn the new 7th edition administrator role and preparing courses for 2017.  Keep your fingers crossed that it all goes smoothly as our first class is next week -- it's not the simulation part that will be challenging, but ensuing that all the students will receive their NRP cards    

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                    Melissa Herrin

                    Hello! My name is Melissa. I work in the NICU at Franciscan Health Lafayette East in Indiana. I am a bedside nurse and the clinical resource nurse (AKA education coordinator) for our unit. I just finished my NNP and am awaiting to take the boards. I have just taught my second class yesterday to become an NRP instructor. One thing I am having an issue with is finding where my card is so that I can print it out!!! Happy to be a part of this community!

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                      Cheyenne Chriestenson

                      Hello! My name is Cheyenne. I am in the Float Pool at St. Michael, Texarkana. I just recently got married and I have 2 precious dogs. I went to Henderson State University and received my BSN. I really enjoy being in the float pool because every day is a new day, and never a dull moment!

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                        Sara Anderson

                        Hi there,

                        My name is Sara, I work in a joint venture hospital in Flower Mound Texas (in the DFW metroplex) as the clinical educator. I am a healthstream administrator and guide the med/surg residency group as well. I have been using healthstream as an administrator for a little over two years but continue to learn everyday and hope that continues.

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                          Daniel Quinones



                          I go by Daniel or Dan, I am the Program Manager for Knowledge Management within IM at CHRISTUS Health. My responsibilities include management and administration of the ServiceNow Knowledge Base and acting as a catalyst for positive change and encouraging the use of the knowledge base...I also run a Knowledge Management Community of Practice in the DFW area.  We meet every other month, our next meeting is 30 January at CHRISTUS Health in Irving, TX.