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Jean McGee
Has anyone been able to find the "AAP Provider Course Roster" that is supposed to be used during check-in? Is a document of our own making, or is there a universal one?   Thank you.
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Linda Howard
I agree with Lori Erwin our hospital system requires paper cards.  Now I have to wait and depend on the person to get me a copy.  This is very time consuming as I may have as many as 30 students to…
Allison Ricks
Would your organization benefit from neonatal post-resuscitation/pre-transport stabilization courseware; why or why not? Please click here to complete our short survey (less than 10 questions). Thank… (Show more)
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Lori Green
Instructor resources refers to "NRP instructor candidate checklist", my search for this form found nothing.  Also how does an instructor candidate submit the online application?  Thanks,
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Santi Dell'Agli
Does anyone have some suggested Do's and Don'ts when using the Checklist Management took in HealthStream?
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Scot Bolz
Doing a little research for staffing justification. Few quick questions for everyone out there. What is the size of your organization and how many Enterprise Admins and Content Developers to you… (Show more)
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Joel Cranford
If you could choose between these two options to innovate HealthStream's experience, which would you choose? An admin feature to relabel a “Course” with a specific label, like "Class Series,"… (Show more)
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