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Kelli Jandura
How do Students receive their NRP cards with this new 7th edition?
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Vanessa Aller
We are starting a WebEx series of 30-min sessions for DFCI in which we cover topics like: Dropbox, OneDrive, O365 Planner, Skype for Business, Yammer, etc. My idea was to create a course called DFCI… (Show more)
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If you have ever experienced the following symptoms… sweaty palms, rehearsing your talking points, anticipating how the discussion is going to go, you are in good company. This scenario is not…
Virginia Fleeger
As an administrator I have created a lot of new hire assignments, some of which are for immediate completion, but there are also some that are to be completed in 6, 12 or x number of months later.  I…
Santi Dell'Agli
I have found myself wishing that there was a way to register non-HLC users to a class roster. We have people come to attend classes who are not affiliated with our organization, and instructors don't…
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Coffman Crystal
I would like the NRP instructors to be-able to view the student evaluations. As a new NRP instructor I would like to see the feedback and comments to help address my own teaching strengths and or… (Show more)
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