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    How well is Checklist Management working for your organization?

      Our organization is considering purchasing the Checklist Management solution to support our nursing education and competency intiatives. I'd love to hear from folks who are using Checklist Management as to how well it's working for you, or if you have any specific positives or negatives to share, or advice for those considering it.

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          Becky Taulbee

          We are interested in it for Non-Clinical as well.

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            We purchased the Checklist Management and rolled out the functionality last June with our newly modified orientation curriculum for about 60 Graduate Nurses.  We were very excited about getting rid of the paper trail and the ability to track these new nurses.  First off to build the checklist is very easy.  All of our clinical educators were able to build them without issue.  We chose to go with the Met/Not Met option.  Once the checklist is published you have to associate/link with an Evaluator student group.


            But we have had many challenges:

            • When the course with the checklist is placed in a curriculum, the checklist has to be opened by the student before the evaluator can view the checklist.
            • When we wanted to make changes to the checklist and created a new version - we were not able to associate/link the evaluators.  They were linked to the previous version and no evaluator could see the checklist.  This was identified as a defect in July.
            • In December they deployed a fix to the live site which resulted in another issue.  Evaluators now see double/triple/quadruple  of the same checklists.  For example - the Nursing Orientation Documentation Checklist is listed 4 times on one student.  The assignment it is listed once with one version. This issue was identified as another defect with no fix determined.

            We love the theory of the checklist and our staff love not carrying/worrying about keeping up with paper, but it has caused much frustration to our preceptors and educators.