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    What Leadership Development opportunities does your organization offer to employees?

      Does your organization have a leadership development program for emerging or current leaders? If so what does it look like? At Baptist Health I'm participating in a year-long emerging leaders program. We cover various leadership topics, both from a personal development side as well as hearing from leaders across our organization. We're also covering topics related to financial structure of the organization, completing yellow-belt OPI training, having book and article discussions, networking opportunities, and completing various projects and exercises. It's a significant amount of work but very rewarding. Also this year at Baptist our group has initiated a leadership training cohort series using the AchieveGlobal Leadership training curriculum that is being offered as an 8-part series of 1/2 day classes for nurse managers and assistant nurse managers across the system over the next two years. Would be great to hear what other groups are doing around Leadership Development in Healthcare.