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    Getting Started for New HLC Admins

      Help new HLC admins gain expertise if you are an experienced admin, or ask away if you have just started as an HLC admin. This is the place to ask any questions you have, and connect and share tips and best practices with other admins across the U.S.

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          New Guy on the Block (reposted from old Community)

          Hello Everyone, I am a Compliance Auditor here at Howard University Health Sciences. I am the site Administrator of our new system HealthStream.  We plan to go live in November 2016. So I am working diligently to ensure that all Hospital and University personnel, as well as our Health Sciences students, are loaded into HealthStream, and balance with our Active payroll and student enrollment roster. Also, I managed the process of ensuring 6 years of educational history, from the previous system, was migrated over to HealthStream.I'm very interested in input, recommendations, and/or suggestions on GOing Live (marketing, pointers, checklists, etc.) Your input would be greatly appreciated.
          Thank you,Michael Wilson
          From Anne-Marie Shipley:
          My top recommendation is to have a plan as to how reports will be made available to your site leaders for any large education initiatives. We've posted report links to a website restricted to supervisors.Also, decide early who will be allowed administrator permissions and what type. Requests for access will come quickly, so planning for that is helpful.Know your technical support situation. The amount that sites have support from their IT department seems to vary widely. Develop a way to respond to questions and technical issues in advance. We set up a site-specific HealthStream FAQ site to help with support.
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            Online HLC Administrator Guide (reposted from old Community)

            I have a printed copy of the HLC Administrator Guide but would like to have access to some of the embedded links.  Can anyone tell me where I can find the online version of the guide? I have searched to no avail.


            Thank you,

            Karen Ianacone, RNC, MA, MSN

            Central Clinical Nurse Education Specialist

            Eastern CT Health Network


            From Laura Wilson:

            On the "directory" screen, look up to the top right hand corner where it should have a help screen with a question mark next to it.  If you click on that a new screen opens for the help and on the left side is a list of available help topics.  You HLC Admin guide should be listed.