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    What got you started in healthcare?

      Whether you are a nurse, administrator, physician, hospital officer, or HLC admin, we'd love to hear your story about what inspired you to do what you're doing now.

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          I was asked this question recently in an Emerging Leaders class and the only thing I could think of at the time was "I was born in a hospital." Got some laughs out of it. Ok so for real, I got started in Healthcare doing community health education and fundraising for the American Lung Association of Florida. Later I worked in Higher education, but returned again to Healthcare in a position with Nemours Children's Health system where I was an instructional designer and eLearning designer/developer. For the past five years I've been with Baptist Health in Jacksonville Florida. I like working in Healthcare, and the organization I currently work for, because of the mission to improve peoples' lives. And it's meaningful to work collaboratively with others who share a common commitment to the values of the organization.

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            I worked at Hospice Palliative Care of Greensboro as an intern in college and loved the atmosphere and the ability to help as well as the job security.

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              Virginia Fleeger

              I sort of fell into it by accident.  When my previous office manager/personal assistant job went away, I was at the end of my unemployment benefits, I applied anywhere they would take my application (all paper process back then) because jobs were in short order at the time with not much available.  One day I got a call to interview for a part-time position I didn't even remember applying for, but I went anyway. I still remember parts of the interview 13 years later. They told me they would be interviewing for the rest of the week, and they would let me know the following week if they were interested.  Late that afternoon I got a call from the hiring manager asking me if I could start the next day. They must have been impressed or desperate .  The rest, as they say, is history.  I started part-time but was quickly bumped to full time and my job duties were expanded to managing other duties, among which was an early generation LMS. From that I easily rolled into the institution admin role for HealthStream (starting with classic), and that is where my heart has been.  My title is Nursing Education Assistant, a rather innocuous title for all the host of roles I play at my organization - LMS administrator, AHA Training Center coordinator, certification classes coordinator, office manager to name a few.  What I love most is the Providence mission of serving all people especially the poor and vulnerable and while I don't touch the patient, I am helping those who do care for the patients by providing them the classes and education they need to do their jobs effectively.