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    Can't find documents for Instructor Course


      I am working through the instructor course, and in Focus on Communication: Simulation and Debriefing it suggests having the following documents available to review:

      - Ready Set Go Sheet (found this one)

      - The NRP Simulation and Debriefing Assessment Tool

      - The scenario prep sheet use for the 4 scenarios you will observe

                - 28-week gestation newborn requiring PPV and CPAP

                - Term newborn with meconium fluid requiring PPV and CPAP

                - Term newborn receiving epinephrine overdose

                - Term newborn requiring PPV on the unit


      Where do I locate these documents?  I found 1 of the documents.  What about the assessment tool and the scenario prep sheets? I have searched for varying terms to try and find them.  I found a "Debrief the Debriefer Checklist", and the course says this is what is being referenced when referring to the NRP Simulation and Debriefing Assessment Tool.  What about the scenario prep sheets?  Is it just suggesting to have a blank scenario template to look at?


      Thanks for any assistance!