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    Middle management balancing staff needs,  patient or customer needs, provider needs and aligning with senior administration, how do you do it?

      I have been in healthcare years, as a staff nurse, manager, director, administrator , CNO and now in past 7 years as an executive coach and in all my varied positions, the role as manager ( middle management position, who reports to a CSuite level or Director) remains the most challenging.  You are closest to your staff, that you must inspire, encourage, push, pull, hold back and yes LOVE.  You are closest to our customers, whether they be the patient and family, or physicians and providers or other departments you serve and you are a member of administration so you must be cognizant of your critical role in aligning, supporting the vision and goals of your organization.  And by the way you have your kids, spouses, families , partners and personal life to fulfill .  How do you do it today?  I would love to hear from you.  For me, my faith in God and belief I was doing something God wanted of me helped a whole lot but not sure that is what sustains and supports us this day  Let me know  love to hear