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    Purchase of Toolkit

    Sandra Lathrop

      Can you explain further the statement from the second webinar that stated "If you purchase the toolkit before 2017, you get a bonus.  First time you renew you do not need to repurchase, this allows the instructor to keep the bundle for a couple of additional years."

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          Jean McGee

          Yes, I read that as well.  So, I bought the toolkit and completed all the pieces (so I would better understand what my learners were going to go through), only to find out later that I should NOT have completed the items.


          You buy the toolkit. You should do the first piece (the Terms Agreement). You can have access to the toolkit pieces. You should NOT do the tests (so you will NOT be able to see all the eSim cases- only the practice one).


          WAIT until closer to your renewal date. THEN complete all the pieces. For those of us that completed everything (like I did), when your renewal comes around, you will need to purchase the toolkit AGAIN (your renewal date DOES NOT change when you take the 7th edition test/toolkit).


          That is what they meant by not having to buy it again. Reading everyone's feedback, this whole system is extremely muddled and NOT user friendly. I am hoping for some sort of reiteration.

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              Jane M Carlson

              Thank you Jean!

              I was about to start working through this,..... I will wait. 

              I didn't realize I would have to purchase my toolkit to be an instructor for our health care system, something we have to do ourselves again and ask for reimbursement I see.

              No wonder they didn't share that up front....



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                I also just purchased the tool kit to be able to better explain things to my students, especially the  E-sims but now I see I cannot get to those unless I complete my test which I just completed in October so I am not due until Oct 2018.  I do not think this is helpful for any instructor to be limited like this.  We cannot answer our learners questions regarding the site if we cannot access these tools.  I just spent $129 for basically nothing for the next 2 years if I cannot access this information without taking the test. 

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                    Jean McGee

                    You have full access to the toolkit, just not the test (which was not a huge deal, as the 2sets of 25 questions are different for every taker anyway and you cannot go back a view/review them once completed). And you do not get to experience the full functionality of the eSims which I agree is not ideal as an instructor.

                    They should have encouraged you to renew with the 7th edition, not the 6th.



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                  Jennifer Mastain

                  Oh nuts, I did the same thing.  I completed everything to see what the learners will do, but I don't expire unitl the end of 2017.