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    The "Novice Nurse" or "GN" and NRP

    Sophie Harris

      How do you introduce the novice nurse to NRP in your organization.  We hire a large number of new nurses into our organizations NICU's.  They are all placed in a 1 year nurse residency program where they receive phased lectures that build on concepts/knowledge/skills that they will need as a nurse in the NICU.  However, it is a requirement that they take and pass NRP during their first week of lecture.  They have never worked in the NICU or attended a delivery.  Passing a test for a new grad RN is something they are really good at, test taking.  However, applying the knowledge, skills, and critical thinking that a real resuscitation of a neonate requires is something I see as a difficult task for a new graduate with no experience to accomplish.


      Seeking ideas to reinforce what they have learned through self study.  Is anyone providing lectures for the new graduate population (similar to previous versions of NRP)?