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      I just finished online exam and doing sim_cases for my renewal of NRP instructor status. This is by far the best change for NRP education and I am excited about it.

      However it is not very easy to get to the right the place online to get the ball rolling for renewal. I wish it was more simpler !

      May be I am getting older and getting less savvy with the computers.

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          Hi Laxmi, glad you are excited about renewing your NRP instructor status. We are working on improving the user experience, and will be running usability tests soon. Let me know if you're interested in participating (you can participate remotely). Meanwhile, if you need help please contact customer service: If you have questions about resources in the NRP Instructor Toolkit, please contact AAP customer support at lifesupport@aap.org. If you have questions about accessing the NRP Instructor Toolkit, please contact HealthStream customer support at 800-521-0574 (from 7 AM-7 PM CT) or email customer.service@healthstream.com.