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    Please advise us ALL on exactly HOW to use the Instructor Tool Kit to find, download, and print the following documents,,,

    Gary Nycum

      1.) Ready Set Go Sheet

      2.) NRP Simulation and Debriefing Assessment Tool

      3.) The Scenario preparation sheet used for 4 scenarios you will observe.

      4.) Term N/B - Meconium Stained requiring PPVC and CPAP

      5.) Term N/B using Epinephrine & Overdose

      6.) Term N/B requiring PPV on Mother /Baby Unit


      Good Morning Shara,


      I went back to the Instructor Tool Kit area and "Hovered" over the magnifying glass at least 50 times and nothing happened........

      no menu pop-up....nada.....Please advise how to access this area correctly to get the paperwork listed above??


      Thank you in advance!