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    NRP Questions from Carrie

    Carrie Kelly

      I am new and am figuring all this out and taking the instructor course now part 1?  Any helpful info before starting?????  Also, I know for a provider completing part 2, you have 90 days to do skills from the time you complete part 1, but how many days from the time assigned do you have to finish part 1???  30 days????  @

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          Janet Wilson

          Hello Carrie,


          Congratulations on becoming an instructor :-)


          I have been an instructor for quite some time and I am a little overwhelmed with all the changes and plethora of information - LOL.


          From what I understand there isn't a time frame for completing the exams, other than before the Instructor-led event (along with the eSim cases, of course).

          Students have unlimited attempts at the exams now (unlike version 6 in which they only had 2 attempts at each lesson and 14 days to finish once the exam was started). Hope this helps.


          Good luck,


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