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    final online evaluation

    Rayelene Hernandez

      I just taught a class on Thursday 1/12... How long does it take for the students to receive the email to complete the online evaluation?  I finalized the roster on Thursday.  Is there something else that I am supposed to do?  Thanks!

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          Donna White

          You may not need this answer anymore, but...


          I don't think there is an automatic alert for this. I would suggest pulling a Class Contacts report for that date and using the Email All feature to send a reminder that they won't get credit for the class until they complete the evaluation.



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            Anne Theurich

            They must complete their online evaluation in Part 2 in order to receive their card.  In my experience, cards usually come within 48 hours for those who have completed the evaluation.  Those that don't have a card usually haven't completed the Part Two Evaluation.


            To get to the eval, the participant must actually open up Part 1 again and click resume.  This fully completes Part 1 and allows them to open Part 2 which is all clinical questions.


            Then, after completing the evaluation, it takes a couple of more days to get the card.  They find it in their profile ---> resuscitation cards ---> vieiw card.


            Hope this helps.

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