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    Instructor Led Event Roster in Health Stream

    Paula M McGreevy

      I am having some trouble with building my Instructor Led Event roster in Health Stream. We are planning on having our first NRP Instructor Led Event on February 1. I am unable to select the other instructors to add to the event so that they will receive credit for instructing. I have brought this to the attention of our Health Stream Administrator here at my hospital and she has addressed it with our Health Stream representative, but there has been no answer. My concern is those instructing the course offering will not receive the credit or have a documented Instructor Led Event for their own compliancy in keeping their Instructorship current.

      Also just to follow-up that I am still unable to access my instructor bundle through my work Health Stream account. I purchased my instructor bundle through the AAP.org Health Stream and was successful in linking the two Health Streams as I was instructed to by our hospital Education Department Director and our Health Stream Account Representative. But the Instructor Bundle I completed is only available to me when I log into it through the AAP.org Health Stream. I brought this to the attention of our hospital Health Stream Representative as well as I am concerned that I may not receive credit for the Instructor Led Events I have scheduled for this upcoming year.Any assistance with this would be greatly appreciated.


      Thank you,

      Paula McGreevy, RNC

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          From what you are describing your environment sounds similar to ours, where instructors are no longer accessing their instructor materials from AAP but are now to access them from a HealthStream Portal your company has  (you may wish to confirm that with your HealthStream onsite Admin).  If that is the environment you are working with, the most likely reason you cannot add instructors to a learning event is because each of the instructors you wish to add have not yet sync'd up his/her AAP instructor profile with their HealthStream student profile.  Once they complete the profile sync up steps (its something like 32 steps to sync up a profile) then you will see the instructor available in the dropdown menu.


          In regards to the Instructor bundle, your hospital Education Dept HealthStream  Admin probably needs to assign it to you.  I know that is how we have it set up due to license/cost considerations and we do not put that course in our general catalog.  Your hospitals HealthStream administrator should also be able to confirm how things work in your particular environment.  Hope that helps.



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              Paula M McGreevy

              I purchased my Instructor Bundle through the AAP site. In October with assistance from HealthStream I was given instructions to link my AAP HealthStream account with my employer HealthStream account. The only linking that occurred was my password. Both accounts now have the same password, but I can't access any of my instructor bundle unless I go through the AAP HealthStream route.
              I do appreciate your response. I will share it with the other instructors at my hospital and my Educational Department HealthStream Administrator.