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    NRP e-Sim / Feedback Time-Out Issue?

      Has anyone else been seeing time-out issues when NRP students are doing their e-Sims and then trying to add feedback?  From what we have seen, it appears that if you are in the e-Sim for a long time (more than 10 minutes?) that the communication may get dropped.  Anyone else have any experience with this occurring?

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          I believe we have now solved the riddle on this issue.  It appears as if our company's IT department places restrictions on "streaming audio" from external websites, this restriction appears to have been causing the NRP e-Sims to "freeze up" the PC when the user goes to submit their results at the end of the simulation. Once our IT department permitted our NRP HLC site access to a different Internet path that was free of the "No Streaming Audio" policy, it seemed to have resolved the issue.  Please make note of this if your company also has Network Security policies in place similar to this as HealthStream does not make mention of its products using "Streaming Audio" in their documentation nor does it include it as a requirement in their documentation.