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    NRP questions

    Staci Shanks

      Good morning,

      I have a few NRP questions.  As some background, we have Healthstream as our LMS.  We purchase the provider exams for our RN's that are required to have it but we do not purchase it for our MD's, NNP's, or RT's that take the class.  They purchase it themselves but then come to our Instructor led events.


      1) I have instructors that tell me they have linked their healthstream accounts yet, I cannot find them as an instructor to attach to the class.  Is anyone else running into this?  As an Administrator, I am only able to see their account in our facilities Healthstream.


      2) I am having trouble adding our employees that had to purchase their own part 1.  I can see their name when I search to add them to the roster but I am unable to actually add them.  I have only been successful adding one person.


      3) We usually offer this to our community physicians and RN's as well and they pay to come to our facility.  We do not have a mechanism to charge for classes in Healthstream so we have not opened our classes to be cross organizational.  Has anyone else found this to be an issue or found a solution?


      Thank you for your assistance.

      Staci Shanks, MSN RN-BC

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          Olyvia Phillips

          Good Morning-


          Thank you for your message. Below I have provided answers to each question.


          1. To add instructors to your courses to ensure they receive credit, we recommend speaking with your HealthStream administrator to ensure they are added into the system as instructors.
          2. Learners who purchase part 1 of the exam are required to register themselves for the instructor-led event. Since they completed the exam outside of your organization, you may see their information however you will not be able to add them as learners to the event. We recommend once learners complete part 1, you can let them know the name, date and time of the event to register. Additionally, to ensure they can register, you will need to select Cross-Organization as this allows learners outside of your organization to register.
          3. We recommend making a note of the fee when creating the event to ensure learners are aware there will be a charge for the event.


          Hope this helps!

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