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    Provider registration in ILT

      I was under the impression that administrators could register students in the ILT once they complete part 1.  Now I'm being told that we can't do that -- the student must register themselves.  I have students that can't figure out how to register and a call to the help desk didn't seem to resolve the issue.  Any tips?

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          Olyvia Phillips

          Good Afternoon-


          Thank you for your message. Learners are required to complete part 1 of the provider curriculum (the exam and eSim cases) prior to being able to self-register or be registered to the course by an instructor. Once learners have completed part 1, they will be prompted to locate a course in their area.


          Hope this helps!

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            Jean McGee

            Since we are not a Healthstream facility, I have not run into this problem per se, but what I have done is have students who cannot figure out how to register into the class meet with me before the class to get registered in.


            They have to be sure they have clicked through all the steps of part 1, I had one student who did not click on the last piece, which was just the system verifying she did all her steps. After that, it was easy to get her registered. If they haven't done all these pieces, they will not be able to register, nor will you be able to add them.


            Having an "enrollment" time before the class may help facilitate this, even though it will take extra time - I'm not sure how big your class is, we are small, so doing it 1:1 as the cases come up is not an issue here.

            Hope this helps, and good luck,