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    E-sim cases

    kathleen schell

      Has anyone been having issues with the E-Sim cases?  I have been doing them repeatedly and on the 2nd one, even though I have placed the pulse oximetor and the EKG leads on the baby early on in the process, I only get a heart rate when listening with a stethoscope and never get any information from the pulse ox.  This is a problem, because in a real situation, the EKG would be picking up something, even if it is a low heart rate.  Any solution?

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          Olyvia Phillips

          Good Morning-


          Thank you for your message. The pulse oximeter will not work when the baby's heart rate is very low and perfusion is poor.  When it appears that the pulse oximeter does not work, auscultation of the heart to establish the rate would be advised.  As the newborn is resuscitated using the correct interventions according to the sequence of the flow diagram, the HR should increase, and pulse oximetry will start to work when the HR is about 60 bpm.


          I hope this helps!

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            Jean McGee

            As Olivia stated, the pulse ox will not work if the pulse is too low, but the EKG should. Be sure you are dropping it onto the baby-- you should see the leads get attached. When I was first learning, I would drop the devices into the field, but must not have hit the "hot zone" because it was like I never did it.


            Hope this helps.