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    First Time Instructor & Technical Problems: Certification & renewal

    Anna-Liza Stillings

      Hi. I'm an NRP instructor in training. I just wanted to be sure about a few things.  I completed my 6th edition instructor renewal course online with the new e-simulations in December of 2016 & received a certificate. I then attended a class on February 6th. My assimilation to instructor overlapped my normal NRP card renewal, which states it expires on March of 2017. Does my renewal instructor course, including the test taken for it count towards my NRP renewal? In other words, would I be considered  renewed for the next two years? I need one more course to attend I believe to receive instructor card?


      I have been concerned because have had trouble accessing the healthstream through the AAP link. I have had to go through my work site healthstream as a work around. Not sure if people log on using their instructor number. I thought I had one but it keeps reading as error for some reason. I believe mine has 8 numbers. Is my number incomplete?


      Sorry for my novice level questions.  It would appear I need an instructor on being an instructor

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          Olyvia Phillips

          Good Morning,


          Thank you for your message. As an instructor candidate, once your application is approved your NRP provider card is extended for a year in order for you to achieve instructor status. Once you complete the instructor candidate curriculum and co-teach 2 courses with an instructor mentor, you will then receive an instructor card valid for 2 years.


          Additionally, you will need to complete the application for approval. Once your application is approved, you have completed the curriculum in addition to co-teaching your 2 courses with a mentor, you will then have an AAP/NRP instructor profile.


          Hope this helps!

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