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    Accessing NRP cards in Healthstream

    Doug Norwood

      Is there a way for Managers/Administrators to print a learner's NRP card?  We are able to access their "Resuscitation Cards" area and see that they have competed the course, but at this point we have to have the learner print a copy of the card and submit to their manager.  I sent an email to Healthstream asking about this, but the instructions we were given only takes us back to doing the same thing.  Is anyone else having this problem?  It would certainly simplify things if we could access them directly.

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          Olyvia Phillips

          Good Morning-


          Thank you for your message. At this time learners have the option to view, print or email a copy of their provider course completion card to their institution or instructors.


          Hope this helps!

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            Doug -


            I asked this exact same question.  We're running into situations where our attendees aren't turning in new cards in a timely fashion.  Administrators have the ability to access retrieved cards with AHA courses (BLS/PALS/ACLS), so it seems odd that this would not be an option.  I reached out to my area coordinator and she said there wasn't a way at this time. 


            Like you, I'm hoping this is something in the making so that we can keep our files up to date, especially in the event that Joint Commission surprises us for a visit.