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    Students cannot find NRP Event

    Robin Froese

      I have set up an NRP live event for Feb 23,2017. It is cross organizational, and registration is open for admin and self registration. The students have completed the online test and E-sim in Health Stream.  However, when they attempt to enroll in my NRP event, they do not see my class listed. Also, I attempted to register the students myself. I am able to pull up their name, however, I cannot click on their name and there is a message in RED under their name: NOT ENROLLED. Does anyone know how to solve this issue? Thank You.

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          Maureen Ramirez

          I know this is long after your question and assume you have resolved your issue . I encountered the same problem of not being able to enroll  students in my scheduled class. I had them go into their assigned 7th edition and complete the acknowledgement section ( just a yes response required). I was then able to click on their name and register them.

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