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    Where can instructors print a list of classes they have taught?

    Gail Coppinger-Hilton

      In the previous NRP website there was a way to print a list of the classes taught in the previous 5 years or more. My co-instructors have used that as "proof" of teaching for their Staff Nurse 3 and 4 renewals on the clinical ladder with our hospital employer. I cannot find a place to do that within this new system. Is there a place? Also, if there is not currently a way to do this, when will there be on process to do this? It is very important to the RN staff that utilizes this for clinical ladder applications and to renew.

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          Olyvia Phillips

          Good Morning Gail,


          Thank you for your comment. NRP Instructors can view previous courses by following the steps below:


          1.Visit www.healthstream.com/hlc/aap or http://www2.aap.org/nrp and click the NRP LMS Login under Quick Links
          2.Log in with your instructor ID  without the dash and password
          3.Once logged in, select Student/Manager, then proceed to login
          4.Once you select proceed to login, there will be a Welcome page, scroll down and press Continue
          5.After pressing Continue, you can then select, Completed, and then use the tools to select the date range to view your previous courses.


          Hope this helps!

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