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    Missing ILE and expiration

    Connie Henry

      We are having the discussion at my facility as what to do if a participant misses their ILE and reaches expiration date. NRP is required for working. They would not be able to work until up to date and receive a corrective action. We offer ILE once per month. We are a HealthStream LMS system. The online portion is assigned 60 days ahead of expiration date. So participants have two attempts to attend the ILE before expiration. They can sign out the NRP book at any point in time. We are not wanting to do one on one ILEs. This would mean they miss the team building portion of the ILE. What do you do at your facilities if a participant has for some reason allowed their expiration date to pass?

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          Anne Theurich

          Whether or not they are allowed to work is up to HR and their manager.  I enroll them in a scheduled class,  We do not, for the most part, do one to ones unless we are going through things again with someone who has not passed the skills portion.  (Fortunately, this is not often).  I have done them occasionally with someone who became ill during the course and we sent them home but that, too, is a rarity.


          I think the team building portion is extremely important and shouldn't be skipped.  There have also been changes since someone who is expired now has taken a course and I think they need to renew just like everyone else.