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    Courses or Classes?

      We are starting a WebEx series of 30-min sessions for DFCI in which we cover topics like: Dropbox, OneDrive, O365 Planner, Skype for Business, Yammer, etc. My idea was to create a course called DFCI IS Tech Insights and classes called:

      • DFCI IS Tech Insights: Dropbox
      • DFCI IS Tech Insights: OneDrive
      • DFCI IS Tech Insights: Skype for Business, etc.


      The problem is that I noticed that if I do it that way, when someone searches for “Dropbox” nothing shows up on the search results. Not only that, but let’s say we tell users to search for “Tech Insights”, the registration process is crazy: Catalog->search "Tech Insights"->info->under "Virtual Class", select "Choose Class"-> register.


      Should I be creating them each as a course and not a course with various classes?


      Vanessa Aller

      DFCI Training Specialist