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    What do Managers really need to know about their staff?

    Erick Kapamas

      Hello HLC Admins,


      HealthStream has conducted research this year on various improvements to the Student Experience. To date we’ve received terrific insights and have decided to extend our research. We have some new ideas coming together, some beyond what we initially considered that are quite exciting! Others have been decided and we expect to begin working on soon.

      To help us along we have drafted the message and survey below primarily for those that have staff reporting to them (Managers)-only users. You’re free to review it and even complete the survey.

      Would you be willing to copy the message below (in blue) and send it to 20-30 of your healthcare Managers where you work? These people should…

      -          Be Manager users,

      -          Preferably not be HealthStream administrators,

      -          Be from clinical and non-clinical positions, and

      -          Be in various departments.


      This additional insight will further inform our design direction. Let me know if you have questions about this. We hope to gather feedback through this next week and into early next week.

      Thank you!



      HealthStream is constantly working to improve the value and experience of their solutions for their clients and are asking us to help guide them. They want feedback from managers like you about your managerial needs.

      Below is a link to a survey. It has 9 required questions (plus 3 optional ones) you’re encouraged to answer. It shouldn’t take much more than 5 or so minutes to complete.




      They are also looking for future Usability Study participants to test drive upcoming prototypes based on this feedback. It’s interesting and fun to participate. If you’re interested, you can indicate that at the end of the survey for future consideration. (They won’t use your email for anything else.)

      Thank you.


      Thanks for helping this effort!

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          Erick Kapamas

          ONE WEEK LEFT: And We Need YOUR Help!


          Are your managers and supervisors interested in helping others in their role?

          HealthStream is collecting feedback and ideas on a possible new feature allowing them to view information about their direct reports and guide them in what actions to take in leading them.


          Our survey closes Friday, Sept. 1. Our goal is 50+ responses from managers and supervisors, but to date we only have 7 (plus feedback from HLC administrators).

          Refer to the instructions above: If you could send / resend our message to your managers and supervisors to encourage their feedback, it will make a positive difference!


          Thank you!