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    *More* Feedback Wanted: To-Do List Usability Studies

    Joel Cranford

      HealthStream is constantly working to improve our software to give you a better experience.


      To help us improve the To-Do List – the most frequently used page in our system – we’re inviting users like you (including admins) to participate in a usability study. (We have a strong desire to have student-only users participate. If you know of any such users interested in participating, please email me with their name, email address, and job title - preferably in an Excel file.)


      You may be aware that we have been researching this topic throughout the year. We believe we are close to finalizing the features that will improve the experience and outcomes for healthcare professionals who rely on this important system.

      A usability study is

      • A one-on-one online session (via WebEx),
      • Lasts about 20 minutes (for this topic),
      • Where you will be asked a few questions for initial feedback,
      • An opportunity to ‘test drive’ new features (in a prototype); and it’s
      • NOT an evaluation of your skills or ability: There are no wrong answers!

      This helps us determine if we’re going in the right direction or need to make additional improvements.


      Where permissible, we offer an Amazon gift card simply as our way of saying Thank You for your time and honest feedback (not to influence opinions). Please check with your organization’s policies and procedures or ask your supervisor if you are permitted to receive this; either way you're welcome to participate.


      Interested? Sign up here…
      If there are no times left, we may add more in the next week or so.


      Feel free to email me with any questions you have on this opportunity.


      Thank you!