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    Innovation Research: Feedback Wanted on Admin Enhancement Ideas...

    Joel Cranford

      If you could choose between these two options to innovate HealthStream's experience, which would you choose?

      • An admin feature to relabel a “Course” with a specific label, like "Class Series," "Orientation," "Video," "Online Training," and more - to appear on students' To-Do list, or
      • An admin feature to view where a selected course is used, including assignments, curricula, equivalents, and learning events – plus, a list of any students electively enrolled.


      We need your voice to help us solve big problems - and these are two problems we hear about quite a bit.


      Below is a summary. Each has a 4 min. video detailing them.


      Course Types
      Relabel a "course" so students know what it really is

      Course Utilization & Enrollments
      Show admins where a course is being used

      Feature for: Admins

      Feature for: Admins

      Primarily Benefits: Students

      Primarily Benefits: Admins

      Problems Addressed:
      1. Students will be able to distinguish “Courses” on their To-Do page (and eventually other places in the HLC, like Catalog and within curriculums and equivalents).



      2. Eventually, admins might be able to report on different types of courses to measure learning preferences and effectiveness of modes of training.

      Problems Addressed:
      1. Admins will be able to see what assignments, curriculums, equivalents, and learning events are associated to a selected course – and navigate to those items to manage them.



      2. Admins could be able to view what students are electively enrolled in a course and eventually be able to unenroll one/some/all of those students.

      Video Overview:

      Play recording

      Video Overview:

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      After watching the videos, complete this survey. Remember: This is research for possible future consideration.




      Thank you!