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    instructor candidate

    Lori Green

      Instructor resources refers to "NRP instructor candidate checklist", my search for this form found nothing.  Also how does an instructor candidate submit the online application?


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          Thomas Gaskill



          I have a fellow staff member that wants to become an Instructor.  So, being new at this I started looking in the Instructor & Instructor Mentor Resources (i believe this is in our Instructor toolkit).  I found a checklist that has the steps in submitting an application and so on.  For the application we went to our Hospital's HealthStream account and found her NRP card and chose "manage" card and there was the option in submitting an application.  We just followed the steps and she was approved the same day.  After this, we contacted out hospital's HealthStream manager and he will have to purchase an Instructor Toolkit for her to advance on.  I hope this helps.