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    Are you active in both community sites?

    Brittney Wilson

      Good Afternoon Community Users!


      I'm the new community architect at HealthStream. I am working on a new strategy for community including making this resource even more valuable.


      It would be extremely helpful if you could answer the following questions:


      I look forward to hearing from all of you.


      Thank you.

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          Virginia Fleeger

          Hi Brittney,

          To my knowledge, this is the "new" community - the link you posted is to the "old" community.  I've been in both - the other has been active for a lot longer and so there is more content and there are more people over there. The link from HealthStream leads there so it's natural there would be more activity there.   When I was invited to join this community,  I had been told that the "old" community would be phased out and content/people migrated over here. That hasn't happened.


          I like the functionality and the design of this community - it's easier to navigate and use, although like anything there is a learning curve. It is much easier on the eyes IMHO, seems less busy visually - I like the color scheme.    This one mimics social media a little better than the old community plus it gives you statistics on your posts, and sends an update.


          I stay involved with the other community site because there are more people over there and more discussion.  That's where people naturally go.  There are a lot of posts on the other site that I think should be recycled through the system - especially now since there are a lot more people active and involved.  You would likely get more response feedback now than you did before.  I'm still not sure I think the 'voting' is the best way to go, but not sure how else you would find out what the most popular suggested requests or enhancements are.

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              Brittney Wilson



              Thank you for your response. I made a typo above. You are right, this is the new community.


              Some of the pieces didn't fall into place to get everyone moved over here as planned.


              However, I'm really excited to let you know that we have some amazing plans for community that will play out in the near future. It means a new and combined platform with more tools, resources, and support. We're ironing out the details now and are always interested in getting more feedback from you and your peers. Please feel free to let me know if you have any thoughts or ideas on how to make community a more valuable tool for you in the future.

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              Janet Rotkiewicz

              I'm in both but not very active. I had to look to find the address for this site as the link in HealthStream goes to the old site. I have no preference - just looking for the most active site.