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    HeartCode for 2019 - what are you plans?

    Janet Rotkiewicz

      Our facility is getting ready to budget for 2019. What are you doing now and what do you plan to do for 2019 and 2020?

      • Do you currently use HeartCode with manikin skills checkoffs?
      • Have you switched to RQI and if so, all the way or partial?
      • Do you accept completions outside of your facility? If you do accept, will you continue to accept?
      • Do you require current BLS from AHA or ARC or other? Or, do you have an internal competency? Or, do you do both?
      • Do you require BLS for your staff who have ACLS or PALS?
      • Guidelines/policies related to Resuscitation?


      Lots of questions! Please respond to this discussion and feel free to contact me directly - I want to get some new ideas before I present a new plan for 2019 and going forward. Thanks, Janet Rotkiewicz at jrotkiewicz@stdom.com 601-200-5817