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    Student Enrollment

    Cynthia Parks

      Hello everyone!


      I was recently contacted by a local college to teach NRP to their paramedics which is exciting for me!  However, I normally do not teach out of my organization so I am a little lost in one area.  I wanted to purchase the program ahead of time for the students (usually referred to as a site key) in an effort to keep them from paying out of pocket at the college's request (then the college just pays me for the skills and online portion together).  Is their a way as an instructor I can do this?  Thank you for your help!



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          Brittney Wilson

          Hi Cynthia


          Are you asking if you can purchase bulk seats for NRP for users that do not work in your hospital?

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            Cherish Sweetser

            I am having the same problem.  I am unsure of how, or even where, to purchase the online portion for students to assign them and have them complete ahead of an instructor-led event.  Did you obtain any answers?

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                Brittney Wilson

                Hi Cherish,


                You should be able to get the NRP instructor seats needed by reaching out to your HealthStream Account Manager.


                Please let me know if I can assist further.

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                    Cherish Sweetser

                    Hi Brittney,

                    Thank you for your response.  What I am wanting to learn is how to issue the online class portion to students (not instructor candidates) external to my facility.  I can easily assign employee and contract staff through HealthStream.  But I have a student that reached out from another city and facility asking to be taught the class.  In this situation for HeartCode BLS, ACLS, and PALS I would purchase the course at the AHA eLearning.heart.org site and share the course with them for their access.  But I am not finding where a student can purchase the course online. 

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                  Olga Ryan

                  My partner and I do this often, but I don't think there's a way to block purchase the online (Part 1) part. We instruct the students to create individual Healthstream accounts (keeping track of their log-in in case they already have an account with their employer).  They have to pay the $35 to Healthstream, and then they pay us separately for the Instructor Led portion.


                  Couple other tips:


                  Though it's annoying, we have found it avoids problems to register the students for the live-event ourselves.


                  If they do the online portion through their employer account (more of a risk for RNs), we sometimes have a hard time "finding" their account to register them for the live event. They have to be "released" by their account administrator. That's a real pain.



                  Olga Ryan, MS-NL, RN