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    NRP Powerpoint

    Laura Sewell

      We are changing how NRP is taught and checked off at our hospital. In the past it has been a very short class with checking off skills of each provider. We would like to have a 6-8hr class with an educational power point to include videos and diagrams and the have the skills check off at the end of the day. Does anyone have a power point they use for classroom use or know where I can download one at?

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          Devin Vasquez

          I just use Microsoft power point

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            I have a Power Point and videos that I use for classes. Contact me at dschult2@fairview.org

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              Lynette Johnson

              Are you all using a PowerPoints  presentation in addition  to the education that all NRP provider students do online ( didactic, testing and e-sims) ? If  Yes is your PPT before or after they do  NRP online?

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                Dawn Moore

                There is a defined path to NRP education as per the guidelines of AAP. A PPT is not needed. Suggestions to motivate nurses ("look forward to NRP") are:

                1. Conduct frequent simulations - i.e. monthly (day and night shifts)

                2. Scan your unit or hospital for or identify resources nurses who can assist in simulation activities.

                3. Ensure NRP  flow charts are visible around your unit.

                4. Do NRP lunch & learn webinars (use the NRP webinars archives).


                All the best in your endeavors, simulation is the way to go:)



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                  Michelle Donahoo

                  It is my understanding we are supposed to let them do all of Part 1 prior to them coming to a course that is hands on learning. No more sitting at a desk watching a power point.  I have them in the class doing all the hands on and learning through that.  Practicing the skills they have read and learned about and answering questions along the way.  I have scripted stations so I can ensure the objectives for the stations are completed once the station is done and I know what has been taught (since I have instructors teaching different stations).  I developed that curriculum using the book and resources.  I think maybe a power point education would be good for a new grad program or maybe for learners that have never actually been oriented to the unit but in my opinion that is where the hospital deeming these participants competent comes in.  We are not "certifying" them in NRP we are saying they have met the educational requirements of the course.  The hospital decides competency to do whatever based off their policy.  We include NRP as a check off item at the annual skills.