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    RQI/HeartCode Administrator/Program Manager Volume

    Leslie Helmbrecht



      For those organizations who have RQI or HeartCode, how many FTE's are allotted to managing the program? We currently have ~5,000 people enrolled in RQI BLS, ~2,500 enrolled in ACLS and ~500 enrolled in RQI PALS. The organization has 20+ manikins across 5 facilities.


      We originally had two full time program managers that split the facilities, but is now down to one person with a Clinical RN background who previously coordinated the live BLS re-certification program. They are responsible for all the enrollments, transfers, removals, follow up, communication, as well as the maintenance of the carts and employee training and troubleshooting.


      As an enterprise administrator, my role is limited in the program, and mainly consists of reporting, auditing, uploads and process improvement suggestions.


      Interested in learning how other organizations split out the responsibilities and handle the volume to compare to ours. Without a doubt, the program is too large for one person to manage at our organization, but resources are limited at this point in time.


      Thank you!


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