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    Class size

    Melissa Twente

      Is there a minimum number of students for a class?  Do you feel that a class runs better with a certain number of students?

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          Sean Smith

          1. No.  You may run a class with one student.

          2.  Given the significant hands on component, I prefer to limit the upper number of students to 4 or 5 absolute max to ensure a quality learning, assessment, and feedback experience for each student.   As far as an optimum certain number of students, it is highly variable.  I think it is up to the Instructor to dynamically create  optimum learning, assessment, and feedback experiences for each individual student as well as the class as a whole, regardless of either the class size or the relative knowledge/experience levels of the students in the class.

          3.  What are your thoughts?

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            Tina Pennington

            I have done classes with 1 person, but do not recommend it on a regular basis.  NRP is a team sport-therefore you need a team to accurately simulate a resuscitation. 3-4 people is best, but I will do up to 8 and have 2 teams.  One watches while the other simulates.