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    NRP expiration on card, when to retake class

    Cathy Butterbrodt

      As an NRP instructor how long can a student's NRP card laps?  My understanding is that they should take the NRP course before or on the date that the card expires.  I had a student state that at her other job they let them go 30 days after the expiration date of the card.   Could someone please clarify this for me?


      Thank you,

      Cathy Bolan RN

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          James Wilber

          Good Morning Cathy -


          This is an excellent question, and one that is not only applicable to NRP but to other certs as well, such as BLS, ACLS, and PALS.


          You are correct in the fact that a student should renew their NRP certification prior to or on the date of expiration.  But the AAP (or the AHA and Red Cross in the other instances) does not dictate the ramifications for an expired student.  Each facility has their own policy regarding expired certifications and employment.  There are some facilities that are "zero tolerace" organizations.  If a student is expired, they are not allowed to work past the expiration date.  Other facilities, like the one you mentioned, have a "grace period," and that is an arbitrary amount of days past the expiration date that is set by the organization.  Others are more lenient in the number of days or more strict.  I worked at a facility that had a policy that you had to have everything completed 2 weeks prior to your expiration date or we were taken out of Kronos until we did. 


          So in the end, you have a lot of autonomy when it comes to the policy requirements of expiration dates and employment.  I hope that helps.  Thanks!


          James Wilber, RN

          Clinical Success Manager, Resuscitation